What We Offer



 We offer a number of chiropractic services because we make every effort to provide high-quality treatment here at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness. We believe that educating our patients is a critical part of our work, so we’re always ready to answer any questions about treatment techniques. Each of our treatment plans is personalized to fit our patients’ needs. Below are descriptions of services we offer (click on the title to read a description).


Headache and Migraine Chiropractic Services

A headache can sometimes just be a headache – from stress, chemical fumes, a long night at the party, or even preservatives in food. But other times, a headache can be a symptom of chronic neck and back pain. If this is the case, a visit with Dr. Casey Little in Corrales, NM may help rid you of those headaches for good. Our headache and migraine chiropractic services are designed to alleviate your discomfort without the use of drugs and their harmful side effects.

Here to Help

Many people don’t realize that headaches can arise from spinal misalignment. In these cases, medication can often take care of the headache pain – but as long as you have that misalignment, your headaches may keep coming back. When you come in for an evaluation, we can discuss the possible source of your headaches and give you a physical examination to check for additional problems. Our headache and migraine chiropractic team will work to identify the cause of your headaches with the goal of reaching a long-term solution for your discomfort.

For more information about our headache and migraine chiropractic services or to schedule an appointment, call Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness today.

Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic Services

Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life. But the rapid changes that occur in your body during pregnancy can cause all sorts of pain. When this happens, chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial. At Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness, we’re here to help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy so you can enjoy this magical time with more comfort and less stress.

The Chiropractic Care You Need

In addition to pain relief, there are some other good reasons to consider seeing your chiropractor during your pregnancy. Did you know that chiropractic care can even help in the delivery room? Prenatal chiropractic care has been shown to decrease labor and reduce pain.

Let us help you enjoy a happier, healthier pregnancy while setting the stage for a smooth delivery. Call Dr. Casey Little today to schedule a consultation.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness. Whether you’re looking to treat a specific issue or prevent problems for your child in the future, Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness’ pediatric chiropractic program in Corrales, NM is a good place to start.

A Growing Need

More and more parents are seeking pediatric chiropractic care for their children. Many spinal problems seen in adults can begin as early as birth. Regular chiropractic checkups can identify potential spinal injury from these traumas, allow for corrections early in life, and help children avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adults. At Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness, we can check your child’s spine for misalignments that could impair nervous system and overall body function. If we see a problem, we’ll work with you to develop a plan for treatment.

Call us today for more information or to make your child’s appointment with one of our pediatric chiropractors.


Sports Chiropractic Services

Whether you play professionally or for fun with your friends, the best way to prevent injury is with Sports Chiropractic care. If you’re someone that’s active, you know there are a number of injuries that can arise from sports activities. At Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness, we provide chiropractic care designed to address and treat sports injuries in patients of all ages.

Your Needs Come First

Our goal is to help you overcome your sports injury so that you can feel your best. When you come to us, you’ll get the personalized service and attention you deserve as we work to target the source of your discomfort and provide the therapy you need to heal.

Whether you’re a casual athlete or a professional, Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness offers thorough, dedicated chiropractic care for sports injury patients in and around Corrales, NM. So don’t let your sports injury keep you sidelined. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find out how our chiropractic services can help get you back in the game.